Jürgen Rögner

Jürgen Rögner


Patent Attorney
European Patent Attorney
European Trademark and Design Attorney

Main Activities

All fields of IP for domestic and international clients, in particular in connection with inventions from the fields of mechanical engineering, medical engineering, processing of stimulants as well as trademark and design patent law (design protection) and procedures relating to infringement of patents or utility models.


Jürgen Rögner studied aeronautics and space technology at the Technical University of Munich, specializing in numerical optimization processes for optimum control of space vehicle propulsion systems. He graduated with a German Diplom in engineering, and joined our firm in 1992. Mr. Rögner became a German patent attorney in 1996. He is a European patent attorney a European trademark and design attorney. Mr. Rögner became a partner of our firm in 2001.

Mr. Rögner is concerned to furnish our clients with a comprehensive portfolio of legal protection comprising, depending on their needs, patent protection, trademark protection and – ever more importantly – design protection for their products. It is, in his estimation, paramount that we support our clients by monitoring and analyzing both their direct competitors and the broader technological landscape and presenting them with intelligible and practicable results, so as to enable any necessary actions to be identified and measures taken in close coordination. Mr. Rögner always strives to personally follow any given matter from start to resolution, by establishing and asserting clients’ intellectual property rights, contesting competitors’ IP rights and defending clients against unjustified claims.